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   It is said that we are known by our light. It is the eternal force that shines from within.  To pursue this knowledge is a blessing.  To understand this wisdom is divine.  It is more than just seeking for truth but the ultimate understanding of the reason for our continual path. For most of us life is a struggle. To understand this divine path we must explore all avenues of wisdom available to us.  By opening up these hidden tools and availing ourselves of the well of knowledge can we begin to understand our purpose.

     Join me in exploring your hidden truths.  Through the guidance of Tarot,  the opening of your natal chart through Gnothology (numerology), or the exploration of your past life memories through regression therapy  we can discover why You are here and all you have to offer.  – Susan Latner
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NOW Available…….                    The Soul’s Journey


This booklet is a 25 page detailed explanation of what you are here to do and how you are to accomplish it.  Each aspect is opened with clarification of how it applys to you and shows the many facets of who you came to be.  This comprehensive view explains what your soul has come to learn, express, and achieve.

Available in two different volumns. Both booklets are fully bound.

The Child’s life plan covers the entire life and includes a detailed summary through the child’s 18th year.

The Adult life plan spans the remaining journey and  projected influences 9 years beyond the current year.

            Child’s Life Plan or an Adult’s Life Plan      $250/ each

shipping and handling $5 for each chart

What I need to create the Life Plan you are ordering:

Full name as it is written on the birth certificate

Birth date

Choose the cover art and font you want to use

contact me at susan.latner@gmail.com to order

payment can be made through Paypal to  susan.latner@gmail.com or I can invoice you for payment by other credit cards.

   covers:      Hearts & Flowers               Pathway                            Science                Moon & Stars
                     Basic Black Frame             Balloons                    Victorian Black             Clouds and Sky
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     “The Teller”  by Susan Latner

Into the depths of ancient memory lay the roots of all things present.  To explore current circumstances we must go way back to simpler times…Or was it?

Venture into the lives of Johanna and Bertram whose efforts have lasted throughout the centuries.  Their cups runneth over in unusual ways.  Did they learn?  Did they grow?

Only time will tell…

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Available Now – ‘Know My Light’ by Susan Latner

Entertaining. Joyful. Funny. Uplifting. These are all words that can describe the new novel by local author and teacher, Susan Latner.

First in a series about a woman’s journey through her own past life experiences. Follow her adventures from ancient times through to the present day.




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Tarot Readings and Consultations by phone are available

contact Susan Latner at (919) 308-9086

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Class Specialties

Past Life Regression Therapy
Understanding your Karma is the focus of these lessons. By exploring your past lives we learn why you are here and why you have struggled.  Guided exercises are given to help you delve into and understand similarities between your past lives and the present.


Tarot Classes
Learn to utilize the Tarot symbols as tools for insight and direction on your path. Learn to bring joy and clarity into your life with greater awareness. Let Tarot guide you through pathways to understanding. Classes available for beginning, intermediate and advanced Tarot studies.


Numerology Classes
The study of numbers as it relates to your life. Discover your opportunities and overcome your obstacles by utilizing

your true strength. Classes in Numerology are now available.