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Instruction available through April 2019:


Prayer of Protection – Learn how to infuse your Auric field by adding this buffer energy. Instruction includes the prayer and how to bring the flow of energy into your life.     10 minute class            $ 10


Opening to Success for 2019 –  What is your Personal Life Cycle for this year?  Learn where you are in the continual flow of Universal cycles and how to best utilize this energy to achieve your current goals.

30 minute class    $ 40

  The Power of Your Name –  How you chose to deal with situations in this life is contained within your name. This intricate pattern is who you are, how you have achieved success in the past and what you need to utilize to achieve your goals in the future.    1 hour class     $ 60

Introduction to Tarot Card Reading – this basic class teaches you the rudiments of a Tarot Card reading.  You learn about the cards and the formation of a classic spread.  Conduct your own  spread with my assistance for interpretation.    2 hour class    $ 75

I use the Connolly Tarot deck and HIGHLY reccommend it for any beginning student.

I do have decks and the Connolly Tarot book for the Apprentice available for purchase.

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The following dates in April are currently booked and unavailable for instruction:

 11, 13, 21, 25

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(919) 308-9086

Are you just looking for a Private Tarot Card Reading?   Let’s do your consultation through  Facebook messanger video chat.       

30 minute reading  = $ 40