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Relieve Stress with these exciting Classes !!!

Introduction to Connolly Tarot  –  Have you ever wanted to read Tarot Cards?  Learn the basics of a classic Tarot reading. Perform a spread and uncover the easy way to read a traditional spread.  A Connolly Tarot Deck is required for this half day workshop.   

Gnothology (Esoteric Numerology) – This introductory class  opens up the importance of numbers and how to bring what you need into your life.

PLC –  Do you know what cycle you are in?  Learn about your personal life cycle for the current year and how to best use this energy to make your life work for the better!

Past Life Regression Workshop Discover who you were and what has created obstacles in the present.  This class includes a meditation guiding you into one of your own past life experiences and opens what  you need to accomplish.

Colors –  Do you have a favorite color? Colors are an important part of our lives. Energize your life with the understanding of each color.

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Chakras What are Chakras and how do they work?  Open the door to this ancient knowledge and receive a free Chakra bracelet for attending.

Crystals – Learn how to use Crystals properly by a certified Master Mincreologist. You will be given a free crystal to add to your collection.

Psycometry  Guidance for using your own psychic abilities to receive information.   Bring  a favorite necklace with a pendant or ring for this fun class.

Karma Without Stress –  Releasing stress can extend your life and add vitality. Learn techniques to guide you through your life situations and challenges.

Tarot– Continuing studies available for the novice, the occasional dabbler, and the serious advanced student.  Expand your abilities and knowledge with the different layers of information in the cards.

Private Studies and Consultations are also available.


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