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 Join Susan on her journey as she explores the ancient past through to the present.

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“The Teller”   by Susan Latner

The first book in the Atlantis Trilogy

       There was a land so far back in time it is considered by some to never have existed. But time cannot overlook the uniqueness of this earthly experience. Join me as I explore the ancient memory of  Johanna in my quest for higher knowledge and Bertram in his goal for family unity.  Together we created a structure for all time. The path to self exploration reveals many hidden truths.

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“Know My Light”   by Susan Latner

    The victim of bad parenting, Francesca sought the release from her mother’s cruelty by dancing outdoors. With her brothers protecting her and playing music to accompany her, Francesca danced for whoever would watch.  Her life took a dramatic turn when a couple approached with an offer her mother could not refuse.

 Employed by a demanding man, Mary Louise did her job by day and relaxed at home in the evenings with her passion, her novels.  The chance to meet her favorite author would change her life beyond her wildest dreams.

 Winifred led a simple life. She tended sheep by day with her Da and his home at night. An unforseen change ripped her world apart. A twist of fate gave her the second chance to live the life she always hungered for.

  Meet Francesca, Mary Louise, and Winifred.  Three very distinct and profound life experiences. Unique to their life circumstances these captivating and relatable stories are full of humor,  heart break, romance, and spirituality.  Follow these lives from youth to maturity and consider what kind of information you too may discover when you examine your own past lives.

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6 thoughts on “Books

  1. M.S.D.

    “Know My Light is a fantastic book. The stories are moving and fast reading. I felt so many emotions while I read this book. I am going to give this book as a Christmas gift to my sisters I do know they will enjoy it as much as I do. Looking forward to Susan writing another past life experience and follow her journey thru time.” – Amazon Reviewer

  2. Constance W.

    A Great Book!
    April 20, 2017
    If you believe in reincarnation and even if you don’t, “Know My Light ” is a wonderful book which will hold your interest right to the end. It is not only well written, but the author inspires an interest in past life regression, to better understand your purpose in this life and lessons learned from the past. A must read!

  3. Linda H., retired nurse

    Facebook Post
    I want to share with all of you who are interested in esoteric healing, that I have a friend who has just published a wonderful book about past life regressions called “Know My Light”. It is a collection of 3 past lives and the insights she gained from each, which I found compelling.

  4. Fiona T.

    Susan, I am done reading your book. I was amazed and surprised at how good it is. Well written, and interesting stories. You did a great job!

  5. Rachelle S.

    I read the book in one sitting! I couldn’t put it down. Makes me curious about my own past lives and taking classes to find out more about myself.

  6. Nicole F.

    Once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. It only took me a day and a half to read. My family is filled with dancers so I related to Francesca’s story. The outcome was heartbreaking. I am glad there were other lives to read about. I loved the progression of these stories.

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